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Dooley Upset With Vols’ “Poor Me” Attitude

He coaches a team that has little depth and little talent.  His squad came close to upending LSU on the road only for a penalty to cost them the game.  Two blowout losses have followed.  And the press jumped on him for suggesting that his team sometimes looks as confused as the Germans at Normandy.

Add it all up and you might have part of the reason Tennessee’s Derek Dooley was in a foul mood yesterday.  The other part had to do with his players not bringing the proper attitude to practice this week.

“It’s not something that’s unique to these guys.  It’s human nature not to be able to wake up every day and bring your best,” Dooley told The Knoxville News Sentinel.  “There is no other option.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hurtin’, ‘I’m sick, I got the flu, I got the swine flu.’  It doesn’t matter.  You work.  And you got to work and you put it all in every day.

“Hypothetically, on a given team, some guys get the ‘poor me’s.’  ‘Poor me, I’m not playing good.  Poor me, we’re not winning.  Poor me, the coaches are on me.  Poor me, class, study hall…’  Nobody really cares about that.  Some guys just mentally chose not to bring it.  Sometimes that happens.”

And it sounds like Dooley isn’t happy that it’s happening in Knoxville.


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