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Catching Heat Over Boise State

This morning I seem to have mowed over a yellow jackets’ nest when I made the following observations:

1.  Boise State’s team is as good as any team in the country (as based on their big game success in recent years).

2.  That includes this year’s SEC squads.

3.  Boise State — if undefeated — deserves BCS title game consideration.

4.  But because they don’t face a tough schedule week-in and week-out, they shouldn’t get a BCS title berth over a one-loss team from a major BCS conference.

Nevermind the last point, I’ve gotten feedback only on the first three points, naturally.  (I learned long ago that folks see only what they want to see).  Most of the emails I’ve received have consisted largely of this fact:

2005:  Georgia 48, Boise State 13

True enough.  And here’s another fact:

2007:  Louisiana-Monroe 21, Alabama 14.

I think we can all agree, based on results, that both Boise State and Alabama have improved in the past few seasons. 

The Broncos have recently knocked off Oklahoma, Oregon and Virginia Tech.  How many SEC programs could accomplish that feat in a three- or four-year span?  Alabama?  Florida?  That’s about it, folks.  I don’t see the LSUs, Tennessee, or Arkansas’ of the past few seasons scoring that trifecta.

Playing off of that, I was asked on a radio show this morning if Boise State could compete in the SEC.  Yes, I believe they could.  This year, I think they’d be right in the mix with Alabama and Florida.  That doesn’t mean they would go undefeated, but I would favor the Broncos over all but three 2010 SEC squads (Georgia being a “pick ‘em” in my mind.)

We’ll get a better gauge on Boise State versus the SEC when they face Ole Miss in Oxford for next year’s season-opener.  And to all those who’ve suggested to me that the Broncos are “scared to play SEC teams,” why is it Boise has to come south to play Georgia and Mississippi?  I don’t see Florida, Alabama, LSU, Auburn or Tennessee heading to the blue turf out west.

I find it interesting that any kind of tip of the cap to Boise State is viewed by many SEC fans as an insult to their beloved league. 

Reality check — The SEC plays the best football in the country.  The SEC doesn’t play the only football in the country.

Boise State is darn good.  They’ve shown that again and again when given the chance.  They deserve the national coverage they receive. 

But as I stated this morning, even an undefeated Boise State team wouldn’t deserve a BCS title bid over a once-beaten BCS conference team.

Those two thoughts aren’t mutually exclusive.



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