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Big Ten Taking Aim On The SEC

When it comes to college football, the SEC has placed itself at the top of the proverbial mountain with four consecutive national titles.  Behind them, many have ranked the Big 12 as the nation’s second-best league.  While the Big Ten has great history, huge fanbases, and major media markets going for it, the conference has falled further back in the pack when it comes to major college football prestige.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany knows that to change that, his league will need to win a national title.  That means topping the SEC.

“The SEC, based on what they’ve accomplished in the last four years, has clearly separated themselves from the rest,” Delaney said.  “We’ve got a pretty good head-to-head with them going over 15 years, 10 years and five years, but that’s not at the championship level.”

Since 2004, the SEC has gone just 7-8 against the Big Ten in bowl games. 

Against all other conferences, the league has a combined bowl record of 24-8 since ’04.

Here’s the winning percentage breakdown on that:

SEC vs Big Ten — .466

SEC vs All Others — .750

It’s clear that when the rubber hits the road in December and January, the Big Ten can hold its own against the SEC.  (It should be pointed out that the SEC-Big Ten bowls are evenly-matched, too… this isn’t SEC #8 versus C-USA champ, for example.)

But while the Big Ten has given the SEC postseason trouble, it hasn’t won the big one.  Until the Midwesterners do, the SEC will continue to be viewed as a superior football league.



  1. [...] 10 years and five years, but that’s not at the championship level.” — Delaney, August 2010“The SEC has demonstrated over a period of time that they’re the strongest conference.  [...]

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