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Tennessee Fans Can’t Let Go Of Kiffin

I’ve written variations on the following a few dozen times, so I know what to expect:

1.  Ugly emails from Tennessee fans.

2.  Explanations as to why hate is good.

But here goes anyway…

First, let’s get what could be a bit of news out of the way.  A Knoxville radio personality wrote on his blog yesterday that “as good of a source as you can get” tells him that new UT coach Derek Dooley and his staff have been in contact with several Southern Cal players who are now eligible to transfer without penalty.

According to the report, Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin and Ed Oregeron (“Ape man” in the piece) have sent nasty voice and text messages to former colleagues Jim Chaney and Lance Thompson who remained in Knoxville when Kiffin headed west.

Supposedly, Kiffin has told them that recruiting USC’s players “is unethical.”

Okay.  These rumors — which have been swirling for a while — could be true… or not.  At this point, I don’t think anyone doubts anything that supposedly comes from Kiffin’s mouth.

But the more interesting nugget I found on the post was this (and don’t get on me about capitalization and punctuation, I’m just copying):

“First off, I talked to the billboard guy in LA yesterday.  The first company I talked to was owned by an SEC fan who said, “No way jose” The second company gave me the go ahead.  The final quote was for $5,600 for 1 month in August.”

The gist?  A group of Vol fans intend to post a billboard in Los Angeles that reads:

got sanctions?

It’s a good looking billboard.  But it’s also a bad idea.

The ugliness that surrounded Kiffin’s departure from Tennessee gave black eyes to both Kiffin and the UT fanbase.  Perhaps you caught that HBO piece covering the death threats made against Kiffin’s wife and children.  Let there be no doubt that the sooner the names “Lane Kiffin” and “Tennessee” stop appearing next to one another, the better it will be for both parties.

But it’s apparent that some Tennessee fans have no intention of moving past the Kiffin era.  It’s as though they have no football program of their own to pull for, so they must work to harm Kiffin’s out in Los Angeles.  And for every member of the Big Orange Nation who is sick of hearing the name “Lane Kiffin,” there are two more who can’t stop repeating it.

Even LSU fans who were outraged that Nick Saban would return to the SEC West to coach Alabama never quite took things this far. 

It might be time for someone in Knoxville to cue up a certain classic Powers Boothe scene from “Red Dawn.”

“All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid.”

Indeed it will.




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