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AJC Writer: Richt Better Not Go 4-4 In The SEC

Another day, another “Is Mark Richt on the hot seat?” story.

Yesterday, we told you that The AJC’s “Junkyard Blawg” said that most of the people claiming that UGA’s coach is on “the hot seat” come from outside the state of Georgia.

AJC columnist Jeff Schultz has weighed in on the topic and sounds like a man whose thinking is in line with our own.

“He’ll be in trouble if he has one more bad season,” Schultz writes.  “In many ways, Richt is under more pressure now than ever before.  While expectations certainly aren’t meteoric like two years ago, when the offense included Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno, Richt knows going 4-4 in the SEC again won’t cut it in 2010.  Because if that happens, folks, the seat would be very hot in 2011.”

It seems that much of the hot seat debate is an issue of semantics anyway.  I’ve said that Richt is on the hottest seat in the SEC East.  Comparatively speaking, his fanbase is a bit grumpier — thanks to expectations, past successes, etc — than the fanbases of the East’s other schools.

Also, does “hot seat” mean a coach will be fired this year?  Or does it mean that his time is starting to run out?  In my view, it means his time is starting to run out.  That could mean tomorrow or it could mean next year. 

But if talk show callers and “anonymous internet trolls” are calling for your skull and there’s a loud, heated debate over whether or not you’re on the hot seat… then yes, you are already on it.

Regardless of whether you think Richt’s seat is currently hot, growing hotter, or could grow hot, it looks like this issue will an ongoing “hot” summer topic in the SEC.

It already appears to be at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


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