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NY Daily News: LeBron “Has Place Set For Calipari”

According to The New York Daily News, Kentucky fans should be watching tonight’s NBA Game 6 between Cleveland and Boston pretty closely.  It could have a bearing on the future of the UK program.

“Maybe you didn’t notice, but that wasn’t the grim reaper sitting behind Cleveland’s bench during Boston’s stunning 32-point Game 5 victory on Tuesday,” writes Frank Isola.  “That was John Calipari, the Kentucky coach and LeBron’s BFF who will surface as the front-runner to take over the Cavs if and when (Mike) Brown fails to reach the NBA Finals.”

Here’s Isola’s line of thinking: Folks all around Cleveland are blaming Brown for the Cavs’ struggles, not James, who played horribly in Game 5.  To the writer, that proves that Cleveland will do everything in the world to keep James around (he’s a free agent after the season).  Even if it means blowing up the team’s current coach and bringing in LeBron’s buddy, Calipari.

“… Even if LeBron is incapable of saving the Cavs, the Cavs will do everything to save LeBron.”

Makes sense, we wrote basically the same thing yesterday.

Despite Calipari’s denials of interest in the NBA, these rumors simply aren’t going away.  Which is why UK fans should be rooting like hell for the Cavaliers tonight.  And in Game 7.  And then in the Eastern Conference Finals.  And then in the NBA Finals.

If the Cavs win the title, you’d have to think that it would be pretty difficult for James or Cleveland’s ownership to break up the band.

But if Cleveland doesn’t win the title, all bets are off.  And if the Cavs flameout tonight, some folks will start betting that a Calipari-James pairing will soon pop up in either Cleveland or Chicago.

Hold on to your hats, Cat fans.  Things are always exciting in the Calipari Circus.


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