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Expounding On Expansion: A Festival Of Links

If you’re interested in the possibility of SEC expansion — the variables, the politics, the speculation — then you need to check out the first eight parts of our “Expounding On Expansion” series.

In this series you’ll find more data and more research than in any other SEC expansion primer.  From past SEC expansion history to the best and most likely scenarios for future expansion, we cover all of the behind-closed-doors factors that could play a role in what the league’s 12 presidents ultimately decide.

In the coming days we will render our final verdict on what we believe the SEC should do — if anything — as well as our take on what the league will most likely do.  But before you start thinking about the end game, it’s best that you take in all that we’ve covered so far:

1.  Why The SEC Should Be Working Right Now — Is the SEC guaranteed to remain one of the nation’s two preeminent conferences?  Nope.

2.  How We Got To This Point – We explain how the combination of conference championship games, a weakened economy, and television revenue have made 2010 a potential “Year of Change” in college sports.

3.  Unfounded Fears — Touted by fans and media, some of the most often discussed reasons against expansion don’t hold up under close scrutiny.

4.  If The SEC Is Going To Act, It Should Act Boldly — Should the league’s presidents decide that expansion would benefit the SEC, they should consider any and all options for growth.  Even the most daring.

5.  Don’t Forget About Academics And Politics — If you look at the recent history of conference expansion you’ll find that academics and politics usually play a bigger role in the process than many seem to understand.  We also discuss some interesting folklore surrounding the SEC’s last round of expansion.

6.  The Criteria For Selecting Teams — We explain what information university presidents might use to determine who they should invite to join the conference.

7.  Grading The SEC Expansion Candidates — We use data from nine different financial, academic and athletic categories to try to determine which school would be good fits for the SEC.

8.  The Teams That Fit, By The Numbers — Scoring 18 different schools, we show you which teams would bring the most “added value” to the Southeastern Conference, if invited.  This is a by-the-numbers ranking of the schools the SEC should consider adding.

In addition, you might find these expansion-related articles of interest:

1.  Other Conferences Looking At What We Said They’d Look At — An “I told you so” regarding some of the first points we made in our expansion series.

2.  Expansion Not Tied To Renegotiating TV Deals — SEC expansion won’t necessarily require a full-scale re-working of the league’s television deals with CBS and ESPN.  In other words, there are always options.

3.  Report: SEC Already Eyeing Six Teams For Possible Expansion — A radio report claimed that the SEC and CBS have already had some conversations regarding expansion and that the league is considering Texas, Texas A&M, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech and Miami.

4.  The SEC Denies Expansion Meeting With CBS — As expected, the league quickly denied that any conversations had taken place with CBS.

5.  Pay Attention To The Daily Financial News — We explain how a $2 million gift from the Georgia Athletic Department to the University of Georgia reveals one of the driving forces behind this wave of expansion talk.




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