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A UK Fan Shows His Ass Via Facebook

Let me make a couple of things clear right off the bat:

1.  I am not a fan of social media.  (As always, you can follow us on Twitter by clicking here!)  I don’t understand the point of it, even if we all do it.

2.  I also don’t like irrational fans who can’t turn off their fandom once a game ends.  If you feel personally wronged by a player or team or if you feel the urge to publicly insult a player — especially a college player — then you’re just not a well-adjusted person.  Sorry.  Fact.  If a game ends and you still feel the need to lash out at a player, you should seek counseling for help in dealing with your anger issues.  It’s a game.

If you don’t understand it’s a game, you need help.  And if you don’t realize that these players have actual lives outside of the 80 minutes a week they spend on a court entertaining you, then again, you need to seek professional help.

I say all of this because Kentucky basketball player Daniel Orton has been ripped on his own Facebook page by an imbecilic Wildcat fan.

Some background:

Last week, Orton’s father said that his freshman son would test the NBA draft waters without signing with an agent.  Orton then said that he hadn’t made any decision and that he was still weighing his options.  He has since said that he’s heading to California which means that he will indeed check his draft status.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with that.  If you had MILLIONS of potential dollars on the one hand… and a possible career-ending injury on the other… shouldn’t you at least weigh your options?

Not according to a Big Blue fan named Mark Hamilton.  That fellow took to Orton’s own Facebook page to send him a misspelled, poorly written message on the subject:

“You need to grow up and quit living in your daddys dreams….. you know you need another year and you could never be better then COUSIN’s.  So you need to tell your DAD to wake up and smell the coffee… Quit using your mother as  and escape goat…. I hope you fail in the NBA.. “bad sportsmanship”.  living through your TEAM is a JOKE and trying to take the  glory.  U piss me off and listening to your dad because he wants your money is funny.. YOUR STILL A KID….lol.  GO HARD OR GO HOME….. Thanks FOR NOTHING but FOULS.. IF you had clock you will FOUL out every GAme.. JOKE.”

That’s exactly how he typed it.  And he’s a moron.

I’m not in the habit of calling common folks morons, but since Mark Hamilton wanted to share his thoughts with a 19-year-old kid… I think he opened himself up to it.

(Keep this in mind, too — this chap can vote.  He can help shape our nation’s future.  Makes you feel good inside to know that bright, rational folks like Hamilton have a voice in the process, doesn’t it?)

For his part, Orton responded with a simple, “Thanks mark,” which is a helluva lot nicer response than the answer I would have provided.

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, college coaches should not allow the players on their teams to have social media pages.  They are an invitation for trouble and they should be a no-no for college athletes.

In the past year-and-a-half, an Arkansas player has been suspended for making an ugly social media post regarding an alleged on-campus rape, a Tennessee player put his eligibility in question by talking about his employer in YouTube videos, and now we see the bad blood that can pop up between a fan and a player.

Freedom of speech?  I’m all for it.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone should be allowed a microphone and an oversized amp.

And that’s the real problem I have with social media — and the internet.  Many people do not deserve to be heard.  They are not smart.  They are not experts.  They have only their own interests at heart.

Why should any of us — including Orton — have to hear the opinions of someone like Mark Hamilton?  Who is he?  And lest I make Hamilton “and escape goat,” I ask you who are any of the ugly, angry, ranting, can’t-type-a-sentence-without-a-misspelling rabble we see on the web everyday?

Twenty-five years ago, Mark Hamilton would have simply yelled at his own ceiling and wet his Big Blue footy-pajamas over the Orton situation.  He might have gone to the local barber shop and ranted, but I’m guessing folks there would have known him as the village idiot.

Now, Hamilton — and millions like him — can take to the internet and share their rantings with the entire world.  On sports.  On politics.  On movies.  On how to correctly build an AGM-123 Skipper missile.

We have no idea who these people are.  But we see their posts.  We get their emails.

When the history of the United States is someday written, I’m betting the downfall of our society will be traced back to the day when every nimrod with a keyboard or a cell phone was given an equal platform to rant, rave and rabble-rouse.

Speaking of raving, I’m guessing that other Kentucky fans have been giving Hamilton a taste of his own medicine since this story broke.  It’s currently the topic of all topics on most UK messageboards and blogs.

We can only hope that the next time Hamilton — or someone like him — wants to rip a college player about a missed bucket, a dropped pass, or a major life decision, he will think twice before reaching for his laptop.

That’s a lesson for all of us.  Especially those of us with Twitter and Facebook accounts.

(Click our story headline to see a bigger image of the Facebook post.)



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