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Richt Takes On The Junkyard Blawg

You normally don’t hear of Mark Richt disagreeing publicly with media folks.  And if he was going to get upset over something someone wrote, I’d have put my money on Mark Bradley or Jeff Schultz being the author. 

But it was actually their fellow AJC writer Bill King and his “Junkyard Blawg” that Richt referenced after practice yesterday.

Mr. King had written that Georgia’s thinking “seems kinda fuzzy” when it comes to using quarterback Logan Gray to return punts.

After his Q&A session with reporters yesterday, Richt brought up that post to the rest of the media.

“I usually don’t ever read a blog, but I read the blog about Logan Gray catching punts.”  Richt said he wanted to “try to educate whoever cares that when Logan is back there — I tried to explain it the other day — it’s at a time when our opponent is punting it in.  It’s a pooch kick.  Our defense — our punt return team — is in punt safe to keep them from faking the punt because they’re across the 50-yard line.

“All Logan is doing is making a decision whether it should be a fair catch or let the ball hit.  The fine gentleman who writes the blog, I don’t think he understood that very much, but I just thought maybe if everybody got educated on that a little bit better, they’d understand why Logan would do that.  He was 100 percent last year on making those decisions and never bobbled the ball.  I think that’s not a hard thing for him to do and we’re not expecting him to return the punt because those punts don’t get returned.  There’s no return set up.”

Well.  That was interesting for a couple of reasons.

1.  Richt feels the need to explain to fans what he’s actually doing with Gray.  That’s a good thing.  Making sure fans know what’s going on is a good thing.

2.  That he chose to single out the blog and admit that he reads it.  While the rebuke won’t help Mr. King’s reputation with those folks who expect perfection from the media, it does show that he’s well read.  “Read the blog Mark Richt reads!”

On a sidenote, I’d suggest that Richt not get sideways with The Junkyard Blawg.  Mr. King always makes a point to defend Richt against the coach’s detractors… even when they’re not really detractors.


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