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Dawgs Primed For National Title?

It was just a couple of years ago that Georgia fans were muy desilusionado over a preseason #1 team that tumbled to a 10-3 finish.

It was just a couple of months ago that Mark Richt and Damon Evans were having to answer questions about the state of the UGA program.

And it was just a couple of weeks ago that many Georgia faithful were disheartened by the “worst” signing class of the Richt era.

So much for all that negative talk, it’s time to look forward to 2011 — not 2010, but 2011 — and start thinking about a national title.  Really?

Bill King, who runs the Junkyard Blawg for The AJC, posted a story on Friday asking fans to give their thoughts on a writer who thinks the Dawgs might be primed for a national title the year after next.

The fans response to Mr. King’s poll?  Well, 51% of the 2,500-plus voters believe UGA will win “the SEC and national championships again” within two or three years.

Another 18% believe 2011 will be that year for Georgia.

But 31% say the Bulldogs won’t win an SEC or NCAA title “until Mark Richt is gone.”

Now that’s just 1/3rd of a 2,500-person online poll, but if the results are taken seriously, it does show that a solid chunk of the UGA fanbase is down on Richt at the moment.

Make of it what you will.  Are the Dawgs headed back to the top in 2011?  Or will Richt have to go before UGA climbs the mountain again?

Personally, I don’t know about 2011 — maybe, maybe not — but I also don’t believe jettisoning Richt would bring the Dawgs closer to a title.  In fact, I think getting rid of a good coach would set them back further.  But that’s just me.


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