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Is Grantham The Guy At Georgia?

It appears that Mark Richt has zeroed in on Dallas Cowboys’ assistant Todd Grantham as Georgia’s next defensive coordinator. 

A look at the man’s resume shows that he’s got a darn good pedigree… for one, Nick Saban tried to hire him as the Miami Dolphins’ defensive coordinator.  Also, he has coached under Saban (at Michigan State) and under Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech.

But as Tim Tucker points out at The AJC’s site today, there’s still no telling if Grantham would take the job if offered.

The Cowboys are still in the NFL playoffs and they might just be playing well enough to last all the way to Super Bowl Sunday. 

Can Richt wait that long?  Probably.  Will Georgia fans be willing to wait that long?  Probably not.

As I’ve stated before, Richt’s only “failing” in his coordinator search has been his decision to go after the best defensive minds from the best schools.  And those guys don’t make lateral moves.  In my view, that’s not a failing… he’s simply aiming for the best.

But many fans and some media don’t get that.  They want a new coordinator in place yesterday.  Oh, and he’d better have a great resume, too.

Richt waited out Kirby Smart at Alabama, made a strong pitch after Bama’s national title game, and then got turned down.

If that same scenario plays out with Grantham, Richt could wind up with an open coordinator job in early February.  Just weeks before spring practice opens.  Trust me, talk radio shows would blow up across the Peach State.

Unless Richt has gotten word back that Grantham would be interested in the job, he’d probably be wise to move on to another candidate now.  And even if he has gotten a “yeah, he’d talk to you” from Grantham’s agent, that doesn’t mean the coach would accept the job.

There’s one other issue at play here, too — Grantham has been in the NFL for a decade.  Would he want to come back to the college game? 

He might be willing to do that in order to add the title “coordinator” to his resume.  If he’s looking to some day become a head coach, a move to Georgia would make sense.  If he’s happy to remain an assistant, then I wonder just how much he’ll be moved by Richt’s pitch.


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