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Nutt Angry About Losing Recruits Over KKK Rally

As if there weren’t enough reasons for the people of Mississippi to run the Ku Klux Klan out of the state — you know, like intelligence and common decency — now they’ve got another: The Klan’s done hurt the Ole Miss football program!

Houston Nutt said yesterday that eight recruits decided not to attend Saturday’s win over LSU because the KKK was rallying on the Ole Miss campus.

Thankfully, as it turns out, only 11 of the inbred rednecks showed up.

According to David Brandt of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Nutt was obviously irritated by the decision of the recruits not to come.  He also said other schools are using the “rally” to negatively recruit against his Rebels.

“Without a doubt (they’re using it).  And that’s fine.  It’s not going to help them.  This is one program in the state that’s getting very strong.”

Could that shot at Mississippi State be tied back to the negative recruiting that’s going on?  It would be hard for me to imagine one Mississippi school using a Klan rally against another Mississippi school.  ‘Cause, you see, they’re both in Mississippi.

Nutt also said those players concerned about the Klan shouldn’t waste too much time making up their minds about UM. 

“We’ve got a lot of recruits swimming to the boat.  That’s what happens when you win.  Our next class is going to be equal or better than this one.  Now we’re able to pick and choose.  They can’t dilly-dally too long.”

As of this weekend, Mississippi had fewer commitments than any other school in the SEC.  However, those they do have average out to better than three stars per player.

Personally, I’m not sure if showing anger toward the recruits and their families is the right tack.  If I were an African-American player, you can bet I’d pay attention to the fact that the KKK rallied on the Ole Miss campus (over a song that had to be dropped because students were shouting “The South will rise again”).

Hell, I’m white and I’d pay attention to that kind of nonsense.

Nutt might be better off to to point out how hundreds of UM students out-shouted the 11 rubes in robes. 

He might be better off saying something to the effect of, “There are a few backwards people everywhere you go, but take note of how the UM campus banded together when these bozos crawled out from under their rock.”

Question is… can a football coach say that in the state of Mississippi?

Either way, it seems like misplaced anger to me if Nutt is aggravated by the recruits.



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