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Georgia AD Has “Concerns” About Dawgs

Georgia AD Damon Evans has opened up about the state of the Bulldogs’ football program in an email that’s been posted by Mark Bradley of The AJC.

“I do have some concerns about where we are at this point of the season.  I know Coach (Mark) Richt, the assistant coaches, the players and our fans have the same concerns with our current record and the way we’ve been playing.

“Coach Richt and I have talked just as we do periodically throughout the season.  I think his focus right now is on the immediate future, which is the Vanderbilt game and doing everything possible to prepare our team.  That’s where it needs to be.

“Beyond that, I have total confidence that Coach Richt will properly evaluate our team, address concerns and prepare the right path that will direct us back into the position we all want to be in — competing for championships.”

In Mr. Bradley’s view: “If you’re Mark Richt, Evans just said what you want to hear: That his boss has ‘total confidence’ in him.  But if you’re a Georgia fan, Evans just said what you want to hear as well: That certain ‘concerns’ might need to be addressed and, put simply, that the University of Georgia expects more from its football team.”

Once again I point out that I was laughed off the internet by Georgia fans when I wrote last summer that a single bad year could land Richt in hot water.

Halfway through a season (with a 3-3 record) and Georgia’s AD is having to make statements of support for Richt while at the same time addressing “concerns.”

Five words: Hottest Seat In The SEC.

Any other AD having to make statements about his coach and program in mid-October?

Personally I think there are several things wrong with Evans’ statement.  In my book, he should have said something closer to this:

“Certainly we’re concerned about the way the team is playing right now, but Coach Richt has taken this program to heights it hadn’t experienced in decades.  He knows what he’s doing.  And if things aren’t working, I’m sure he’ll address them at season’s end — be it players, assistants, whatever.

“But the overall direction of this program is sound.  Two SEC titles in eight years.  Multiple Top 10 finishes.  Excellent recruiting.  We’re taking it on the chin a bit because two of UGA’s best-ever players left school a year early, but this program is as solid as they come.”

Betcha, Coach Richt would have liked that statement a whole lot better than the one Evans did put out. 

But who knows what the real relationship between Richt and his boss is?

Over the summer, when Richt was trying to prepare his fanbase for one of the toughest schedules in Georgia history (three non-conference games against BCS-level competition), his AD pretty much blew off him and his concerns.

Georgia is 3-3.  So the idea that the wheels are coming off the entire program is laughable.

But no one in Athens is chuckling.  In fact, it would seem most Dawg fans are panicking.


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