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Tweet This: Fortson Should Be Suspended

First, some background:

This week, prosecutors decided not to file charges against three Arkansas basketball players in connection with an alleged on-campus, frat house rape.

Prosecutors said that the evidence suggested that the sex was consensual.

The girl, however, is “adamant in her allegations.”

Well, point guard Courtney Fortson — two days before the rape story broke — wrote something incredibly stupid on his Twitter page:

“Im gettin it at workouts like a dude who doesnt understand the word no from a drunk girl lol.”

Misspellings and bad grammar are his (and are further evidence of how Twitter is dumbing down America… if that’s possible at this point).

The post was later deleted but Arkansas officials were aware of it.  Which is why it was deleted, of course.

I’ll say this, if I’m the father of “the drunk girl” Fortson was referencing, I’d have myself a little talk with this dumbass.  And said dumbass’ coach would be hearing from me, too.

John Pelphrey and the University of Arkansas shouldn’t want someone exhibiting such punkish behavior and/or attitudes while representing their school.

And the player in question has already been suspended from the team for bad behavior once before.

Therefore, Fortson — in my view — should be suspended immediately. 

At the least he should be forced to attend classes dealing with the mental and physical pain caused by sexual assault. 

At most, he should be booted from the program for representing it so poorly.

As it stands, media relations director Kevin Trainor has simply referred folks back to athletic director Jeff Long’s statement from earlier in the week which concerned the alleged rape. 

It said, “Now that the criminal legal process has been completed, we will review the available information to determine if any athletic department rules or policies have been violated.  Following that review, we will take appropriate action.”

Did Fortson’s tweet break a UA rule or policy?  Probably not.  But it did violate the standards of common decency.

Does the University of Arkansas (that’s boosters, fans, professors, administrators, right on up to the president) want a young man wearing their school name on his chest who thinks its funny to ignore an inebriated girl who says “no” to sexual intercourse? 

I would think not.  But then again, Fortson’s a pretty good player, isn’t he?

Pelphrey briefly discussed the situation with’s Andy Katz, but he focused on the impact of the rape allegations on recruiting, nothing more.

Later, he said the school will take “appropriate action” regarding the players involved in the incident.

As for Fortson, he broke no laws, so he should not go to jail.

Freedom of speech allows him to say whatever he likes, so he should not be thrown into a gulag.

But he has embarrassed the University of Arkansas and given the basketball team yet another public black eye. 

For that… he should be suspended from the program.  Or dismissed entirely.



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