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Book Excerpt: “The Guy Won Five Games? I’d Won 150.”

Let me start with two observations we’ve already posted today:

1)  Phillip Fulmer is all over the media while fellow ex-coach Tommy Tuberville sits more silently on the sidelines.  I’m not saying who’s right or wrong, just that one coach is talking more than the other.

2)  Fulmer has not warmed to Lane Kiffin.  No surprise there.  It’s rare for the last guy to like it when the new guys starts talking about all the things he has to come in and fix.  That’s a poor reflection on the last guy.  Also Kiffin offended Fulmer in the way he reached out to him.

Now you can add a third observation to the list: Fulmer isn’t impressed by Kiffin’s resume (hard to argue that one).

In this excerpt from Clay Travis’ new book on the 2008 football season at Tennessee, Fulmer is asked about his replacement.

“Well, that’s not my place to make a judgement, I don’t know him.  And I don’t know, you know, the guy won five games?  I’d won 150.”

The coach then reportedly laughed, shook his head and said, “It’s not my place.”

The ironic thing here is that Johnny Majors could have made much the same comment when he was pushed out in favor of 3-game-winner Fulmer back in 1992.

As far as Kiffin’s brash statements early in his tenure, the former Vol coach had this to say: “It’s either immaturity at the very least or poor judgement at the very worst.”

Just a guess, but I wouldn’t expect to see the old Tennessee coach and the new Tennessee coach hanging out together anytime soon.



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