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Sidney To MSU Looks Like A Longer And Longer Shot

“Tell me more, tell me more, ’cause he sounds like a drag.”

Lyrics from “Grease” or what the NCAA is saying behind closed doors as they request more information on MSU basketball signee Renardo Sidney?

(And what former girlfriend played the “Grease” soundtrack so often that it’s seared permanently into my brain?)

The odds of Sidney playing basketball in Starkville look just as long now as they did when he signed back in April.  In fact, things are looking more bleak.

Sidney’s attorney has said that the NCAA’s most recent request — for the financial records of the player’s grandparents — is “a racially selective application of race-neutral NCAA legislation.”

Yes, because there just aren’t many black athletes in college sports.  The NCAA clearly is going after Sidney because of the color of his skin.  Uh-huh.  Yeah.

“To suggest that race has anything to do with this request is both absurd and flat wrong,” said an NCAA spokesman.

Here’s the skinny: Sidney’s family somehow paid rent on a $1.2 million home in California while Sidney was in high school.  The NCAA wants proof that the Sidneys — who don’t appear to have the money to pay for such a house — weren’t being helped out by someone because of Sidney’s basketball talents.

But Sidney’s attorney has said he won’t send the tax returns, bank records or travel records most recently requested by the NCAA.

So don’t expect Sidney to be leading the Bulldogs to the Final Four this season. 

The player can, however, still enroll at Mississippi State (as fellow signee John Riek has done) as long as he is academically cleared.  But that won’t have much bearing on Sidney (or Riek) being cleared with regards to main issue: amateur status.

Rick Stansbury knew that he was signing a player with a questionable background when he offered Sidney a scholarship.  Southern Cal and UCLA had already backed away from the kid like a horse from a rattlesnake.

Therefore, no one in Starkville should be surprised if things don’t work out. 

Especially with Sidney’s attorney refusing to hand over requested records while simultaneously playing the race card. 

Oh, and he’s also threatening future legal action against the NCAA.


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