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Writer: If Bama Doesn’t Clean Itself Up, Saban Will Leave

Jeff Schultz of The AJC believes Alabama needs Nick Saban a whole heckuva lot more than Nick Saban needs Alabama.  For that reason, the Crimson Tide athletic program had better clean up its act.

I agree.

“Saban isn’t sticking around if this doesn’t stop.  He doesn’t need this.  He can have almost any job (save the Miami Dolphins).  The problem is, he’s at Alabama, where coloring outside the lines has been pervasive for decades.  What’s the chance the place suddenly turns into Rice?”

Mr. Schultz also writes that “if 201 student-athletes in 16 sports spread across campus were doing this, how plausible is it that not one single coach, official, teacher, administrator or ballboy knew about this?”

Again, I agree.  And Saban has to be concerned that the people who are supposed to be helping him keep the program clean are either incapable or incompetent.

In fact, back on March 10th I wrote that the biggest concern for Alabama — if they were to be put on extended probation, as they now have been — should be Saban’s state of mind.

As a controlling figure, would he like the fact that a single rogue booster or an arrogant/bumbling athletic department could allow one more UA slip-up to tear HIM down?

The question still stands, three months later.


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