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Georgia Still Dragging Their Feet On Jacksonville Deal

As we told you yesterday, Florida president Bernie Machen said recently that he expects a new deal between the Gators, Georgia and the city of Jacksonville to be ironed out soon.

But the folks at UGA aren’t giving in just yet.

“I don’t think we’re there yet, but we have 70-plus years of tradition there,” said Georgia prez Michael Adams.  “It means a lot.  I’ve been rightfully accused of having a warm spot for our fans in South Georgia, having grown up there.”

“There’s still some issues,” he added.  “I’ve said publicly before we’ve had conversations with the city.  I’ve had conversations with the mayor.  There’s still a couple of issues to be resolved.  I don’t think it’s a slam dunk, but again, we’ve been going there for a long time.”

Adams is playing the “good cop.”

UGA AD Damon Evans is taking the role of “bad cop.”

“We haven’t even sat down to have our internal meetings about that yet.”

Further, Evans stated, “We have not made any decision. … It’s not a big surprise that they (Florida officials) want to keep the game there.  I guess they were able to come to their decision a lot faster.  I just want to look at it hard, and that’s what we’re going to do.  And then come out with a decision and move forward.”

Translation: Give us a better deal, Jacksonville.

But while Evans is angling for a new deal with the city… that will be sweeter for Georgia going forward… his president makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to snub his nose at thousands of South Georgia Bulldog fans (and their donation checks).

If Evans wants to really play hardball in his dealings with Jacksonville, he’s going to need to ask the “good cop” to leave the room for a while.

Otherwise, Jax officials aren’t going to buy that UGA might nix 70 years of tradition.


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