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ESPN Digging Up More Dirt On Memphis (Calipari)

“Prove it.” 

“Get off his back, he’s never been caught.”

“So what?”

Those are just some of the Lexingtonian responses sure to be uttered now that ESPN has dug a bit further into John Calipari’s Memphis program.

As has been hinted at prior — and is now proven via an open records request — former basketball player Robert Dozier was not allowed into Georgia because of academic concerns. 

Armed with the same info, Calipari welcomed Dozier into his program.

It seems the initial SAT score given to Dozier was invalidated by the company that administered the test… and the young man scored a mind-blowing 540 fewer points when he retook the test.

Also, a person who claimed to be a faculty member at Dozier’s high school wrote an anonymous letter to the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse questioning his score.

Georgia officials were concerned that Dozier’s initial test score of 1260 (out of 1600) was a bit high for a player who had a below-average acadmic record in high school.

At that point, Georgia decided to slowly back away from Dozier. 

And at that point, Calipari took him on, put him in the line-up with Derrick Rose (who also had SAT issues), and skyrocketed to the National Championship game.

Is Calipari guilty of anything in this case?  No. 

He just happens to always have shady things going on around his programs.  But that doesn’t mean he knows anything about them.

The good news, UK fans?  He wins a lot of games and signs a lot of stars (whether they can read and write is immaterial, it appears).


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