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SEC Coaches Meeting Headlines

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Sorted by Topic….

Coaches Poll goes secret:
Coaches go anonymous – Hale
Coaches Poll makes bad move – Barnhart
Heavy price for secret ballots – Pat Forde
Spurrier against secret ballots – TheState

Commish Slive’s on BCS / Kiffin:
Slive gets his point across – ESPN
SEC Coaches will never play nice – AJC
I just don’t get Kiffin – Blutarsky
Spurrier still has game – Finebaum
Slive to Congress: Mind your own Business – OS

Recruiting Rules:
SEC may end oversigning – Chris Low
SEC may change recruiting rules – Mobile Press Register
Too many signees? –
Richt and Meyer Unlikely Allies – AJC
Cap on Oversigning would Change recruiting – Cecil Hurt
Commish lays down the law – Tuscaloosa News

Other Stuff:
Richt (finally) Goes Silent on Jacksonville – AJC
Being Dean of SEC Coaches “weird” for Richt – ABH

My quick take on all of that….the secret ballot is ridiculous. Transparency and disclosure is a better policy in everything not involving national security and comments about your wife’s butt size.

The over signing rules will hurt SEC schools. If we’re talking about an NCAA rule that’s one thing. Talking about an SEC rule is ridiculous. Instead why don’t we just tighten the criteria for dumping a kid that’s not “good enough?” That would stop Houston Nutt and Nick Saban from abusing the current system. The rural South is still in the stone age academically, and Mike Slive can’t fix that. So limiting the recruiting base voluntarily seems idiotic.

And as for Richt on Jax…that’s what he should’ve said to begin with. You can’t lose a game 6 out of 8 times and complain about things like the average temperature. It makes you look small, petty and weak. And by the way….I checked…last year it was 3 degrees COOLER in Jacksonville than it was in Athens at Kickoff, and we lost by 39 points.

Prioritize fixing what’s broken. Not what annoys you. It’s a great rule of thumb.



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