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Meyer Was Misled About Auburn’s Limo Rides… But His Comments Were Still Smug

Yesterday we told you that Urban Meyer wanted the NCAA to look into Auburn’s use of limos to travel the state, visit high schools and evaluate prospects.

He had been asked about the issue by Pat Dooley of The Gainesville Sun, who now says:

“When you make a mistake, you’re going to hear it.  Last week I had a ‘Dooley Noted’ item about Auburn coaches parading recruits around in limos.  I obviously misread the story because it was Auburn coaches in the limos going from school to school.  War Eagle fans have corrected me with dozens of emails.  My bad.  Now calm down.”

First of all, when you’re the guy that was in the wrong and besmirched a school’s coaching staff, it’s probably not the best time to tell others to calm down.  I’m guessing Auburn fans have since pointed this out to Mr. Dooley.

But in regards to the overall situation, Andrea Adelson of The Orlando Sentinel sums things up as follows: “Bad information makes Meyer look bad in Auburn’s limo-gate.”

Well, not exactly.

First, I would be very surprised if Meyer didn’t know how Auburn’s coaches were using the limos.  This story has been covered ad nauseum and — trust me — every SEC coach knows EXACTLY what every other SEC coach is doing in terms of recruiting.

Second, Meyer’s comments were the problem… not his views.  If he felt that Auburn was cheating, fine, call ‘em on it (and await a response from the SEC office).

But Urban the Pious took it a step further with this sanctimonius soundbite:  “We’re trying to sell graduation rates and academics and they’re trying the song and dance routine.  The Florida coaching staff will not be riding around in limos or ripping off our shirts.”

(Did you notice that he seemed to know that it was Auburn coaches in the limos… not recruits?  Hmmm.)

Despite what some of you Gator fans think (and several of you have emailed), I don’t hate Florida or Urban Meyer.  In fact I should send you the emails I get from fans of every other SEC school who all believe I’m picking on their school, too.

But while I have nothing against the Gators’ coach, I do think his comments were laughably smug. 

Do you really believe that Meyer only uses “graduation rates and academics” to sell Florida?

Really?  No mention of championships?  Of wins?  Or of UF’s pro pipeline? 

And he’s only searching for MENSA folks, too, I suppose. 

The next line — the part about limos and ripping shirts — was simply a broadside to both Auburn and Tennessee.

Fine.  If he wants to say it, say it.  But he should expect to be ridiculed for it.

When Lane Kiffin popped off, he was called a punk by many in the media, Paul Finebaum called for him to be fired, and the young coach was ripped for his comments on this site, too.  More than once.

If Meyer wants to get down in the mud with Kiffin there’s plenty of room for him.  Steve Spurrier used to toss more darts than an English pub champion.

But Meyer had better not complain when he’s viewed as being “just as dirty” for it.  Taking shots at opposing teams or coaches doesn’t make you look good to anyone but your own fans — who in Florida’s case are even okay with their coach calling THEM out.

Therefore, Meyer doesn’t need anyone to defend his comments.

They were pompous and ridiculous.  The fact that he believed Auburn needed to be investigated wasn’t the problem.  It was his over-the-top, “I’m an upstanding servant of academia” routine that was the problem.

Please.  He’s a football coach.  And I’ve yet to meet one who wouldn’t bend a rule or fib a little to land a prospect or win a game.

So come on down from that high horse, Coach.  Before you fall off and hurt yourself.


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