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MWC Commissioner Proposes A Playoff

The commissioner of the Mountain West Conference proposed yesterday before his fellow commissioners an eight-team playoff for college football.

Personally, I want to see a playoff.  I sat down with a sports marketing expert back in December and tried to put a plan together that would be a can’t miss opportunity for college football… but I found that no perfect plan exists.

That exercise is why I have very little hope of this MWC proposal gaining any strength in the weeks and months to come.

The MWC — featuring two-time BCS-buster Utah — wants a fair shot at the national championship and all the dollars that go with it.  Senator Orrin Hatch is even planning hearings on why the BCS is bad.  (Just stick to politics, sir.)

But it’s the SEC that should be most in favor of a playoff.  As the league gets tougher and tougher, SEC teams could knock each other out of future national title games.  The SEC is a mini-NFL already.  With more teams spending more money to become more competitive, things only look to get more difficult.

And you can count on one-finger the number of times a team has won the national title with two losses (congrats, LSU).

But there won’t be enough support for this playoff plan from the other BCS conferences.  Mainly because of money.  A playoff opens up the coffers to everyone.  The current BCS system keeps the majority of BCS bowl money in the bank accounts of BCS schools.

And no one at Alabama, for example, wants to share the wealth with the folks at Boise State or Louisiana Tech.

The plan is an odd one to begin with.  The MWC commissioner calls for an eight-team playoff and a “BCS Bowl” kicked in for good measure.  The 10 teams involved would be chosen by a selection committee, not polls or computers.

And that’s part of the problem.  If a playoff is ever to come, it will need to be as small a change as possible for football’s bigwigs to accept it.

This plan isn’t a tweak, it’s a total shift.

Ivan Maisel of ESPN digs a bit deeper into the topic right here.  But unfortunately, I — nor he — see anything coming from yesterday’s proposal.



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