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Kiffin Says Jeffrey Denied Making Gas-Pumping Comment

If you thought you’d heard the end of the Lane Kiffin “pumping gas for the rest of your life” story, think again.

Kiffin has again denied making the statement, today on a Knoxville radio show with Jimmy Hyams.

In fact, Kiffin said that he was disappointed when someone handed him a copy of Chris Low’s story.

Kiffin took his denial even further.  He said on the show that he called Jeffrey after reading the story.

He said that the call was made on speaker-phone and that other people were in the room (with him, not Jeffrey, we suppose).

According to Kiffin, Jeffrey denied telling ESPN’s Low that Kiffin had said he would wind up pumping gas for the rest of his life if he went to South Carolina.

Kiffin also reiterated that he nips it — nips it in the bud — when he hears any of his coaches start to go down the negative recruiting path. 

(Yeah, right, all of these guys negative recruit.  All of ‘em.)

Questions raised by today’s comments from UT’s coach:

1)  Did Steve Spurrier know that Kiffin was calling one of his players?

2)  If not, would he be bothered by this?  (He shouldn’t be if Kiffin was simply trying to straighten out a false claim made about him.)

3)  Who’s lying?  The coach says he didn’t make the statement.  He says he went so far as to call the player to get to the bottom of the matter.  If he’s lying he’s lying himself into a deeper and deeper hole.  And that doesn’t make sense.

4)  The player now supposedly says that he didn’t tell the reporter this story.  The quote was NOT in quotation marks in Mr. Low’s story… so there could be some verbal hanky-panky going on here.  Did the player exaggerate something, get in hot water, and then decide to try to downplay it (or flat deny it)?  His coach downplayed Kiffin’s comments in Mr. Low’s initial story.

5)  I do not believe everything I hear in the media.  Especially about Kiffin.  And I’m in the media.  So there’s a possibility that the story is not true.  But being very familiar with Mr. Low’s work and reputation, I find it HIGHLY doubtful that he just pulled the “pumping gas” comments out of thin air.  In fact, I would guarantee Mr. Low didn’t make up a comment and stick it on ESPN for all the world (including Kiffin and Jeffrey) to see.

We’ll see what comes of this latest development, but for all those SEC fans (check out our Best of the Blogs page) and media members who’ve once again taken a story about Kiffin as fact when it might not be fact… hold your horses.

He never made comments about Georgia’s in-state recruiting.  And he claims he never made any “pumping gas” comment to Jeffrey (who supposedly now backs him up).

Kiffin’s early mouthiness has opened the door to all of this, of course.  After the Urban Meyer fiasco, people will believe anything they hear about the young coach.

Even if it might be false.



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