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Barnhart Rightly Rips Congress

Have you heard the one about senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) pushing for Congressional hearings into whether or not the BCS violates anti-trust laws?

Sorry, but that’s no joke.  Despite all the issues facing our country these days, Senator Hatch wants to talk a little football.  On the taxpayer’s dime, no less.

Now, I don’t like the BCS.  I’m a pro-playoff guy. 

But seeing as how I was against Congress getting involved in baseball’s steroid scandal… and I was against Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania) starting hearings on Spygate… I have to stick to my guns here:

Butt the Hell out of the sports world, you Congressional buffoons. 

Our nation has plenty of big problems on the table for you already.  Try fixing one of those.

Democrats blame Republicans for our current problems.  Republicans blame Democrats.  And both parties look for any possible way to create a diversion from the issues. 

The economy, defense, health care… those are polarizing issues. 

But a football playoff? 

“Everyone’s for a football playoff!  Let’s talk about that!”

Pathetic.  And it should make every American angry.

Tony Barnhart of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution takes Senator Hatch and the rest of Congress to task for some of the claims they’re making regarding the BCS.

Oh, yeah, failed to mention that, didn’t I? 

Not only are some Congressmen trying to play rather than work, but their anti-trust claims are utterly preposterous.

And that, sadly, should surprise no one.


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