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This Ain’t Intramurals…

Content provided by Vanderbilt Sports Line.

VSL is declaring a jihad on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Mark Bradley for his quip that Vanderbilt is an intramurla football team. His “witticism” comes from a post ranking the most annoying coaches in the SEC which was linked to by Matt WIlson on the Nashville City Paper‘s Nashville Ballerz blog. While Commodore fans can take a modicum of satisfaction that Bobby Johnson ranks dead last in this category. I’m a little surprised, as I’d think given his characterization of Vanderbilt as an intramural team, Bradley would find it mildly irritating that Coach Johnson graduates players and consistently ranks among the least penalized teams in the conference.

I’ve also got to say that his power ranking (clever comments notwithstanding) take a serious credibility hit by having the Ol’ Ball Coach situated in the middle of the pack. I hate Saban as much as the next guy, and can see where Les Miles can grate on one’s nerves, but there is no way Spurrier is less annoying than Urban and Richt.

He did get one thing right though: Lane Kiffin is the most annoying coach in SEC, and he hasn’t even coached a game yet.

Blast from past…for Boyer in the District:


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