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What’s New? Hmmm. How ‘Bout 750+ Erin Andrews Photos


SI’s link + the interest in Erin Andrews absolutely SMOKED our server yesterday.

So we’ve taken down the gallery — just for now — until we make some behind-the-scenes switches.

Believe me, we’re just as distressed as you are.  We’re the ones who spent two weeks sifting through everybody else’s smaller galleries in order to make one big one.

It will be back… just give us time.

Thanks for your patience… and for checking out the #1 independent site for news and opinion on the Southeastern Conference.

Now… here’s our initial posting:

Over the past few months, we here at noticed something: whenever we made any kind of mention of ESPN sideline hottie Erin Andrews, our pageviews went through the roof.

Being red-blooded American males, we started scanning the web for a full-blown Erin Andrews site.  There wasn’t one… not of major size anyway.

Our conclusions:

1.  Erin Andrews draws readers.
2.  There was no massive Erin Andrews site on the web.

That may seem to lead to a simple decision, but there was a lot of internal debate.

“We can’t make an Erin Andrews shrine.  This is a sports site.”

“Oh, yeah, well ESPN uses her and they’re all sports.”

“But this is about SEC sports.”

“Oh, yeah, well she went to Florida.”

On and on this intelligent discussion went.  For maybe 10 or 15 seconds.

So click the tab up top, the button at left, or this link to go to Page One of our comprehensive EA gallery.

Sure there are some small sites out there that carry her photos, but nothing like this.  More than 750 photos of America’s sideline angel.

Now, some of the thumbnails aren’t working and we’re trying to get to the bottom of that, but all of the photos are there.

So enjoy our new gift to you.



Possibly your greatest contribution to the internet...or mankind for that matter. Erin, I been waiting on you to call....what gives?


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