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Meyer Good With Campaigning Coaches; A Playoff Could Solve Everything

Urban Meyer says he has no problem with the coaches at Utah, Texas and Southern Cal lobbying for their schools to receive a piece of college football’s still mythical national championship.

“That’s absolutely what they should do,” Meyer said.  “I’ve got news: I’m representing the University of Florida, and I’m an employee of the University of Florida and I represent my players, most of all I’m going to fight like a dog to take care of them.”

Good for him.  He’ll make his case for UF without dousing the cases of other coaches who feel they are just as deserving.

Kudos to Meyer.

He also said that he thinks a playoff may someday become a reality.

“I think at some point in time it might happen.  I didn’t believe that a few years ago, but I feel now the discussion is out of control.  I can’t imagine any guy that enjoys football not discussing that wherever he’s at.  So I imagine at some point that might happen now.”

I’d like to think so, too, but the money just doesn’t add up for the 65 or so big money schools in BCS conferences.  They control 90% of the bowl money and it’s not financially smart for them to split up the revenue into smaller pieces.  (As much as I hate to write that).

As we wrote in our “Why there won’t be a playoff” piece a couple of weeks ago, if a playoff does someday come, it will be driven by the smaller schools banding together to push litigation or legislation that forces it.

And that’s just what Utah’s state attorney general is toying with.  With the Utes finishing as the nation’s only undefeated team but OUT of the BCS title game, Mark Shurtleff is investigating whether or not the BCS violates federal antitrust laws.

This is the kind of thing that can work, even if it seems silly and is basically a waste of taxpayer dollars.  But he’ll need politicos from states like Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, etc to join him in pushing the proverbial envelope.


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