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Earlier today we told you that Phillip Fulmer had taken a three-month position as a special assistant to UT president John Peterson.

Fulmer will be paid $12,500 per month to help with “enhancing and developing strategic relationships on behalf of UT.”

As we wrote (and you can read what we wrote right here) this is a fundraiser role created to help smooth things over with some major power-brokers who were ticked with the dismissal of the coach.

The $37,500 that Fulmer will make will be coming from privately donated cash, but as we noted earlier: 1) Fulmer’s already getting $6 million in buyout money and 2) this isn’t going to look good in a tight economy.

Guess what?  UT faculty facing lay-offs, cut-backs, short-falls and other such hyphenated badness don’t think it looks good.

“The $37,500 salary that Peterson reportedly would pay Fulmer will pay for 300-400 student seats next year in courses taught by lecturers,” said John Nolt, UT’s faculty senate president.  “Even if Fulmer wound up raising a great deal of money for academics, this is still the wrong message for the System Administration to be sending at this very bleak time.”

Was this a bad move by UT?  Not if it helps to raise cash and not if it’s paid for by one or two private boosters.

Was this a bad move by Fulmer?  Well, the man doesn’t need the cash, but he’s been very classy through this whole thing, so we’ll not rip him.

But it’s the PERCEPTION that’s bad.  As we pointed out in our first post on this, it doesn’t LOOK good.  And sure enough, the UT faculty are experiencing “considerable distress” over the move.

Didn’t take a genius to see this one coming. 


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