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High-Scoring Players Not Scoring High On Tests

In case you missed yesterday’s AJC investigation (and I’m guessing this won’t surprise you), college football and basketball players score “hundreds of points lower on their SATs than their classmates, and some of the gaps are so large they call into question the lengths to which schools will go to win.” 

Most college fans probably don’t care what kind of grades their team’s players get.  That’s because a lot of college fans are just fans… not alums.

Sorry, I but I don’t believe that every guy I see in a Southern Cal hat actually attended that school.

But for those of you who would like to think that your school’s stars can actually read and write, this is one heck of an eye-opening piece.

And for the record, the AJC listed the 10 best and 10 worst schools in the country in terms of SAT scores from their football teams.

The Top 10

1.  Georgia Tech
2.  Oregon State
3.  Michigan
4.  Virginia
5.  Purdue
6.  Indiana
7.  Hawaii
8.  California
9.  Colorado
10.  Iowa

Not a single SEC school in the bunch.

The 10 Worst (with #1 going to the worst SAT scores for a football team)

1.  Oklahoma State
2.  Louisville
3.  Memphis
4.  Florida
5.  Texas Tech
6.  Arkansas
7.  Texas A&M
8.  Mississippi State
9.  Washington State
10.  Michigan State

Congratulations Florida, Arkansas and Mississippi State.  Make sure your guys don’t color outside the lines in this years textbooks.


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